2901, 2016

Family Day presents your favorite Portland sport teams mascots!

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This Sunday, in the Toyota exhibit on Sunday, families / attendees can pose for photos and interactive with some of Portland’s favorite sport teams mascots!! Plus receive Toyota branded items!

10AM to 12PM “Barley” Hillsboro Hops
12PM to 2PM “Tom-A-Hawk” & Rosebuds Dance Team
2PM to 4PM “Blaze” and Blazer Dancers
4PM to 6PM Portland Thorns (select players)

2901, 2016

Celebrity Appearances by Portland Timbers (MLS Cup Champions)!

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The Portland Timbers (MLS Cup Champions) are sending two players to sign auto graphs in the do503 exhibit next to the Porsche exhibit in the Portland Ball Room lobby on Thursday January 28th from 2:00pm to 3:00pm. Players to be announced soon. This is brought to you by the kind staff at Sunset Porsche Audi.

2901, 2016

Celebrity Appearance by Portland Trail Blazer Legend – Antonio Harvey!

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Portland Trail Blazer Legend Antonio Harvey and two Blazer Dancers will be in the Kia exhibit on the main floor of the Auto Show Saturday January 30th from 12:00pm to 1:30pm to sign autographs a pose for photos.

2201, 2016

Don’t miss the opportunity to view the new Africa Concept Jeep at Portland’s International Auto Show!

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Don’t miss the opportunity to view the new Africa Concept Jeep at Portland’s International Auto Show! Longer, with more cargo room, this defender-esque Jeep conceptional hints at a broader family of Wrangler vehicles. It is bright enough in the styling dome to need sunglasses! But Mark Allen, Jeep’s head of design, doesn’t squint as he points to the hindquarters of the Jeep Wrangler – Africa Concept. It is 12” longer, he says, a reaction to Wrangler Unlimited owners’ feedback.

2001, 2016

Sit in a 2016 Ferrari California T Roadster for a photo

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Have you always wanted to sit in a Ferrari? Have you always wanted to have your photo taken to prove you were behind the wheel? Well here is your chance. In the Ferrari exhibit at the 2016 Portland International Auto Show you’ll be able to sit behind the wheel of a 2016 Ferrari California T Roadster and have your photo taken. There is no cost so you better show up early as there is sure to be a line. This rare opportunity is brought to you by your friends at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo.

1501, 2016

New Volkswagen Passat (Connected Car Abilities)

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VW refreshes its family mid-sizer with its new horizontally themed design language the revamped Passat’s doors, roof, and rail stampings are the only pieces shared with the outgoing model. The hood, front fenders, front and rear bumpers, and trunk lid are all new, bringing with them a more substantial look that carries on the Passat’s tradition of reserved European styling. Inside, the Passat gets a hefty fistful of updates for 2016. The dashboard now features the company’s MIB II system with two different sizes of touch screens available depending on option package. VW says “most models” will use capacitive touch screens, the same as what’s found in smartphones and tablets, which respond to taps rather than pressure and enable swipe-and-pinch control. These screens also will feature proximity sensors to pop up the relevant controls as your hand gets closer to the screen. The system is set to offer Volkswagen’s Car-Net […]

1201, 2016

Kia SEMA Sorento Concept PacWest Adventure

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To celebrate the American Road, here’s a taste of the PacWest Adventure Sorento, a tough, off-road utility vehicle equipped with custom suspension, snorkel intake system and a paint scheme inspired by the lush forests of the region. To put a finer point on things, builder LGE-CTS Motorsports fabricated a new front subframe to handle the Sorento’s extended wheel travel, and longer connecting link and trailing arms were fitted at the rear. The suspension also incorporates a set of Fox Racing coil-overs nestled inside Eibach springs. Ground clearance is up by a full six inches, in part due to the 285/70-17 Nitto off-road rubber fitted to a set of BMF beadlock wheels. There’s a full complement of off-road armor and accouterments, including new bumpers (into which an LED light bar is incorporated up front), front and rear skid plates, a MileMarker winch, and a roof rack outfitted with tow straps and […]

801, 2016

Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster (Finely Balanced Performance)

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There’s more than one road to driving thrills. The MX-5 takes the route of light weight, rear-wheel drive, and—when a driver is behind the wheel—near-perfect balance. It all adds up to an incredibly lively, agile car that’s so responsive it almost feels like an extension of yourself. (Mazda)

501, 2016

Hyundai SEMA Tucson Concept The “Adventuremobile”

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Is just as at home on the daily commute as it is lugging gear up into the mountains for the weekend out of town. Most obvious is the addition of a Treeline Tamarack roof-top tent, with ample room to sleep two campers, and Goal Zero solar panels to power all of their accessories. The exterior has been beefed up with the addition of an Aries bull bar and side steps, Rigid Industries LED lights, and the vehicle has been finished in a BASF army green paint scheme by Strasse Sport. A custom 1.5-in. suspension lift provides greater ground clearance, and Toyo Open Country A/T II tires with RAYS Gram Lights 57DR wheels provide the extra grip needed for the occasional off-road excursion. (Hyundai)

3112, 2015

Shoot some hoops at the Trail Blazers Kids Clinics!

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Make a fast break from the cars and learn from the Trail Blazers! On Sunday, January 31st it’s the Trail Blazers Kids Clinic – there will be clinics (4) throughout the day so come and learn some skills from the Trail Blazers Youth Instructors! There will be an appearance from a Trail Blazer Alum!
The clinics are FREE, but space is limited (each clinic is limited to 30 kids).

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Forms will need to be completed and turned in by January 27th 2016.
Please send all forms to: antonio@oregonautodealers.org