Sit in a 2016 Ferrari California T Roadster for a photo

Have you always wanted to sit in a Ferrari? Have you always wanted to have your photo taken to prove you were behind the wheel? Well here is your chance. In the Ferrari exhibit at the 2016 Portland International Auto Show you’ll be able to sit behind the wheel of a 2016 Ferrari California T Roadster and have […]

New Volkswagen Passat (Connected Car Abilities)

VW refreshes its family mid-sizer with its new horizontally themed design language the revamped Passat’s doors, roof, and rail stampings are the only pieces shared with the outgoing model. The hood, front fenders, front and rear bumpers, and trunk lid are all new, bringing with them a more substantial look that carries on the Passat’s tradition of reserved European styling. […]

Kia SEMA Sorento Concept PacWest Adventure

To celebrate the American Road, here’s a taste of the PacWest Adventure Sorento, a tough, off-road utility vehicle equipped with custom suspension, snorkel intake system and a paint scheme inspired by the lush forests of the region. To put a finer point on things, builder LGE-CTS Motorsports fabricated a new front subframe to handle the Sorento’s extended wheel travel, and […]

Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster (Finely Balanced Performance)

There’s more than one road to driving thrills. The MX-5 takes the route of light weight, rear-wheel drive, and—when a driver is behind the wheel—near-perfect balance. It all adds up to an incredibly lively, agile car that’s so responsive it almost feels like an extension of yourself. (Mazda)

Hyundai SEMA Tucson Concept The “Adventuremobile”

Is just as at home on the daily commute as it is lugging gear up into the mountains for the weekend out of town. Most obvious is the addition of a Treeline Tamarack roof-top tent, with ample room to sleep two campers, and Goal Zero solar panels to power all of their accessories. The exterior has been beefed up with […]